Breakthroughs in the Louisiville Cluster

Louisville is working with a group of four youth in a neighborhood where there is a Junior Youth Group. The youth are participating in a Ruhi Book 1 study circle on “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit.” They have been meeting weekly, but then it became clear that the […]

Jackson TN Zero to Sixty

As a result of preparatory support work and the efforts of three resident Baha’is, the Jackson, TN cluster currently has about 60 people in children’s classes, junior youth groups and a youth study circle on “Reflections on the Life of the Spirit” (Ruhi Book 1). These activities are all in […]

Triangle Cluster Growth in Latest Cycle

The Triangle Cluster had a “very fruitful and encouraging” 36th three-month cycle of growth. Their latest newsletter highlights 18 new study circles during the cycle with 98 participants, with a discussion of how the goal was met; tutor gatherings, including discussions of how to incorporate the arts into study circles […]

Mother Extols Son’s Baha’i Activities

A young man who is the only Baha’i in his family has been going to school while also dedicating significant amounts of his remaining time to service in neighborhoods. The Regional Council let his mother know how impressed it is with her son’s character and dedication. His mother wrote back how […]

Washington DC Greatly Expands Devotional Spaces

Since January of this year, regular devotional gatherings in DC have grown from seven to over twenty. During the last three-month cycle, five new devotional spaces opened up, enhancing the devotional character of the community. Seeing devotional spaces large and small, in frequencies that vary from weekly to quarterly – some […]