Regional Training Institute

Regional Training Institute

The Regional Training Institute of the Atlantic States is an educational center fostering the capacity to serve humanity among all age groups. The curriculum for this education program was developed through the Ruhi Institute and is used internationally. It is offered primarily through a system of distance education within a small group setting and facilitated by trained tutors, junior youth animators, and children’s class teachers with the purpose of translating what is learned from the Bahá’í writings and local reality into sustained service for the spiritual and social transformation of neighborhoods. The Universal House of Justice, which is the elected international council of the worldwide Bahá’í community describes the small group study environment:

“Specifically, the sequence of courses that we have recommended for use by institutes everywhere, which is facilitating so effectively the process of transformation under way, is designed to create an environment conducive at once to universal participation and to mutual support and assistance. The… individuals in this environment,… consider themselves as treading a common path of service…”  Universal House of Justice, 28 December 2010

Here is a video about community building efforts.

To order texts for study circles and junior youth groups, please download the order form and follow the instructions on the form.

To contact the Regional Training Institute Board, email the Secretary: