Children’s Classes

Classes that nurture the tender hearts and minds of children are a basic building block of spiritual life, character, moral discernment, and happiness.  They help children learn how to serve others and to advance human society.

Parents everywhere are looking for ways to give their children this spiritual education. Spiritual and moral education for children has a long tradition in the Bahá’í community. In neighborhoods throughout the Atlantic region and around the world, Bahá’ís and their friends offer classes that develop the deeper capacities of the young and supplement the education they receive at school.

These classes are open to children of all backgrounds, ages 6-11, and are often run in collaboration with their families. The classes draw on the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith and aim to inspire in children a love for God, for the Founders of all the great religions, and for living a good life. The classes include short lessons, activities to build social skills and friendships, games, stories that illustrate virtues like love, kindness, generosity, and art and music.

Here, Children learn to apply spiritual principles such as love, unity and justice to their own lives. All children are welcome and no child participates without the approval of his or her parents.

“Among the greatest of all services that can possibly be rendered by man to Almighty God is the education and training of children…” — `Abdu’l-Bahá