Regional Bahá’í Fund

Regional Bahá’í Fund

The Regional Funds are an essential support to the vital work of teaching and service that is happening around the country. The Regional Funds fuel the work happening at the grassroots by supporting volunteers in the field, including the Regional Training Institutes, neighborhood volunteers and homefront pioneers, and many initiatives aimed at assisting with the process of offering Bahá’u’lláh’s healing Message to receptive souls. Your contribution provide support for everything from institute activities to assisting with the training of youth. The Universal House of Justice has stated that the Regional Bahá’í Council “encourages believers within its region to contribute to various funds of the Cause, including the regional branch of the national fund, with the aim that, in due course, the entire expenditure for the region would be provided by the believers in the region.” Note that the Regional Fund is a branch of the National Fund. Contributions to the Regional Fund are counted as going toward meeting the National Fund goal. If you have not already started contributing to the Regional Fund and would like to do so, instructions are provided below. You may also contact the Regional Bahá’í Council’s Office of the Treasurer, or telephone 757-369-0047.

How to contribute to the Regional Bahá’í Fund

The Regional Bahá’í Fund is a subsidiary of the Bahá’í National Fund. The best way to contribute to it is via the online contribution system, earmarked for the Regional Council of the Atlantic States:
1 Go to 2 Sign in with your Bahá’í ID and password 3 Select “Enter Contribution” 4 Choose either onetime or continuing contribution 5 Select the fund (Regional Bahá’í Council Atlantic States) and the amount 6 Follow prompts to select your account from which the debit is to be made
If you pay by check, the best way for you to make the contribution is to make the check payable to “National Bahá’í Fund” and in the memo field enter “Regional Fund Atlantic States”; send it to: Bahá’í National Center, Office of the Treasurer, 1233 Central St., Evanston, IL 60201 Note: Contributions to Bahá’í funds are only accepted from registered members in good standing of the Bahá’í community. Contributions cannot be accepted from Facebook fund-raisers or pass-through charity sites, as these are unable to provide individual contributor information.  

Regional Treasurer Correspondence

2018 Nov 15 Letter to all believers, Local Spiritual Assemblies, and Registered Groups about Supporting the Regional Fund and Becoming Self-Supporting 2018 Oct 1 Letter to Spiritual Assemblies & Groups about Status of the Regional Fund and Universal Participation toward Self-Sufficiency 2018 Apr 21 Letter to Donors (revised) 2018 Apr 10 Letter to Spiritual Assemblies about goals 2017 Dec 26 Regional Fund Appeal to Assemblies, Groups, and Individual Believers 2017 Dec 26 Regional Fund Appeal to Assemblies, Groups, and Individual Believers (Persian) 2017 Nov 10 Letter to Donors 2017 Feb 28 Letter to Donors  

Status of Regional Fund Goals

Annual Goal by April 2019
Current Status as of November 2019


67 of 84 (80%)

57 (68%)

Adult Individuals



% of Year-to-Date Regional Expenditures Covered by Regional Fund contributions 30%