Offering a Period of Service

Period of Service Orientation Document

Practical Application of Spiritual Principles

It is the distinct pleasure of the Atlantic Regional Training Institute (RTI) to welcome you to your period of service to the training institute in this region. In describing the training institute the Universal House of Justice has observed “in the system thus created to develop its human resources, the community of the Greatest Name possesses an instrument of limitless potentialities.  Under a wide diversity of conditions, in virtually any cluster, it is possible for an expanding nucleus of individuals to generate a movement towards the goal of a new World Order.” In this regard, the House of Justice has issued a challenge to Baha’i institutions “to furnish the means to accompany all those who cherish a pure and earnest desire for a better world, whatever their degree of involvement in the process of spiritual education so far, and help them translate that desire into the practical steps that day by day and week by week accrete to build vibrant, flourishing communities.” The Supreme Body goes on to address the unique role of youth in the movement of humanity toward the World Order of Baha’u’llah: “How fitting that, at this hour, a generation of youth has come into its own, ready to assume growing responsibility, since its contribution to the work at hand will prove decisive in the months and years ahead.”

Since the series of international youth conferences called by the Universal House of Justice in 2013 our region has been blessed with more and more youth who are assuming growing responsibility for and contributing decisively to the development of the training institute by arising to give a period or full or part time service. As the Atlantic Regional Training Institute learns more about how to “furnish the means” to accompany youth giving a period of service, we are pleased to share with you our reflections and guidance on a number of themes, some more practical in nature and some more spiritual, as a framework to assist you throughout your period of service.

To offer service, go to Exploring the Possibility of Service.

Key Acronyms:

Throughout this document there are several institutions that will be referred to in the form of an acronym. We are listing them here for the sake of clarity and as a point of reference:

  • RBC = Regional Bahá’í Council
  • ABM = Auxiliary Board member
  • RTI = Regional Training Institute
  • RTIC = Regional Training Institute Coordinator
  • RTIB = Regional Training Institute Board
  • POSY = Period of Service Youth