Council Letter to Atlantic Region Highlights Movement

Atlantic Region Progress Letter 2015-02-26

The Regional Bahá’í Council of the Atlantic States plans to send regular update letters to friends throughout the region. These letters will highlight the movement of clusters in the region in its contribution of at least 105 programs of growth by Ridván 2016.

The first such letter has just gone to friends in the region, noting that 71 programs of growth out of the goal of 105 have been raised. The remaining 34 emerging goal clusters are on a timetable for raising up a program of growth by the end of this Five Year Plan.

Homefront pioneering is a meritorious service. Nine goal clusters need pioneers:

Bowling Green, KY

Taylor-Adair, KY

Eastern Mountains, NC

Henderson Area, NC

Stokes-Rockingham, NC

Farmville, VA

Gloucester, VA

Northern Panhandle, WV

Parkersburg, WV

The letter also raises awareness of the growing capacity of the Triangle Learning Site for the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program and the clusters networked to it.

Finally, the growing awareness of the importance of raising the quality of devotional life has been emphasized in a number of letters from the Universal House of Justice regarding the Mashriqu’l-Adhkar. An increase in devotions has been taking place in clusters where the friends have reflected on these messages and made devotional gatherings a focus of attention.

Atlantic Region Progress Letter 2015-02-26