Teaching Conferences

Single Greatest Worldwide Opportunity


The period of the bicentenaries of the births of Bahá’u’lláh and the Báb has been described by the Universal House of Justice as “the single greatest worldwide opportunity there has ever been for connecting hearts to Bahá’u’lláh.”  This precious period that we are now in is endowed with tremendous potential for advancing the Cause of God.  And this potential can only be realized to the extent that each of us arises, as we never have before, to engage our friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with conversations around the Person of Bahá’u’lláh and His Teachings.

The Regional Council hosted 14 conferences across the Atlantic region, designed to draw our hearts individually and collectively closer to Bahá’u’lláh; to explore creative ways to have meaningful conversations; and to make individual and family plans for seizing the opportunities provided us during this precious time.

The House of Justice calls each of us to extend our conversations about the Person of Bahá’u’lláh and His Revelation to “the widest possible cross section of society and to all those with whom (we) share a connection.”

The Regional Council is confident that our collective response to the call of the House of Justice to have conversations “with every kind of person,” and to be “alert to the possibilities that exist in every space,” will bring a groundswell of activity in our region that is sure to attract the Divine Blessings and propel the Cause forward.

The following gatherings were held before the 2017 bicentenary of Bahá’u’lláh’s birth:

Aug 20 (Sun) 1-5 pm in Charlotte, NC (South Piedmont Clusters)
Sep 9 (Sat) 10 am-4 pm in Asheville, NC (Mountains Clusters)
Sep 9 (Sat) 10 am-4 pm in Bel Air, MD (Eastern North Atlantic Clusters)
Sep 9 (Sat) 10 am-4 pm in Greensboro, NC (Northern Piedmont Clusters)
Sep 9 (Sat) 1-5 pm in Anne Arundel County, MD (Central North Atlantic Clusters)
Sep 10 (Sun) 9 am-1 pm in Sterling, VA (Northern VA Clusters)
Sep 10 (Sun) 1-5 pm in Germantown, MD (Western North Atlantic Clusters)
Sep 10 (Sun) 3-6 pm in Roanoke, VA (Southern VA Clusters) [In Persian]
Sep 17 (Sun) 10 am-2 pm in Sterling, VA (Northern VA Clusters) [In Persian]
Sep 17 (Sun) 11 am-3 pm in Forest, VA (Southern VA Clusters)
Sep 24 (Sun) 11 am-4 pm in New Bern, NC (Tidewaters Clusters)
Oct 7 (Sat) 1-5 pm in Raleigh, NC (Coastal Plain Clusters)
Oct 7 (Sat) 1-5 pm in Richmond, VA (Central VA Clusters)
Oct 7 (Sat) 5:30-10 pm in Phoenix, MD (Eastern North Atlantic Clusters) [In Persian]

Program Content and Additional Material

Reference: Universal House of Justice bicentenary letter of October 2017

Video: Mr. David Hofman, Universal House of Justice Member, Bahá’í World Congress, 1992 (Video excerpt: start at 23:00 minutes)

Reflection: “Who Is Baha’u’llah?”

Video: Mr. Kenneth Bowers, Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly, secretary’s report to 109th National Convention, download (Video excerpts especially at: 00:00-22:00 and 59:00-1:14:00)

Reference: National Spiritual Assembly February 25, 2017 letter “America and the Five Year Plan”

Reflection: “Exploring the Conversation Between Two Souls”

Planning: Personal and family planning guide

Reference: Ideas for Growth Around the Bicentenary

Those who attended the gatherings were invited to provide their feedback here: Conference Feedback