Launching the Nine Year Plan

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Local Conferences to Launch the Nine Year Plan – Late March to End May

“The conferences will aim at carrying to the friends in every land the spiritual energy released by the gatherings in the Holy Land, as the community prepares for a dynamic thrust forward with the launch of the Nine Year Plan. These conferences, then, will give the participants an opportunity to gain greater insight into the nature of the spiritual enterprise in which they are engaged, a sense of the distance traversed thus far, and a deeper understanding of the exigencies of the current stage in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan. They will strive to enhance appreciation of the privilege of being part of a community that has set its gaze upon the spiritual and material transformation of society, and of the bounty of being connected by bonds of love and camaraderie with brothers and sisters in a global effort, each one labouring within the same framework for action, all united under the sheltering shadow of the Covenant.”

Department of the Secretariat, September 15, 2021

What is the purpose of these conferences?

  • The aim of these conferences is to carry “the spiritual energy released by the gatherings in the Holy Land” as preparation for “a dynamic thrust forward with the launch of the Nine Year Plan”. 
  •  Plan for transformation of society for the betterment of the world

Who are these conferences for?

All individuals who are engaged with the current framework for action, their families, and any connection they would like to invite to learn how to contribute to the transformation of society for the betterment of the world.

What can I do to prepare for these conferences?

● continue nurturing close friendships and meaningful conversations with those in our personal networks and neighborhoods;
● begin a conversation with these friends about the forthcoming conferences, and as details are announced, invite them to participate; and
● share about the lives and teachings of the Central Figures of the Faith, whenever opportunities present.

What are the components of the program?

  1. Welcome and introductory remarks. Sharing, in an open, outward-looking and inviting language, the context and purpose of the conferences taking place around the world.
  2. Devotions at appropriate intervals.
  3. Breakout sessions to study and discuss certain relevant materials (especially the Nine Year Plan guidance), and to consult and reach consensus on the current reality of the community-building efforts, with an appreciation of strengths and opportunities for growth.
  4. Artistic and creative components related to the conference themes that deepen understanding.
  5. Sharing of developments, stories, and encouraging examples from within the region, by those participating in these activities.

Themes to be addressed in all conferences
The following is an outline of sample themes drawn from the Sacred Writings as well as guidance contained in relevant messages of the Universal House of Justice, in particular the message dated 30 December 2021.  Conference organizers should feel free to use, draw from, or refine this outline according to the needs of the populations in attendance at each conference.

Theme 1—Bahá’u’lláh’s vision for humanity

  • The purpose of humanity/creation (i.e., true religion)
  • Raising vibrant communities that are contributing to spiritual and material progress
  • What Bahá’ís and those labouring alongside them are doing

Theme 2—Distance traversed

  • Film screening:  Glimpses of a Hundred Years of Endeavour 
  • Reflect on the endeavours of the Bahá’í community over the last one hundred years

Theme 3—Building vibrant communities

  • The characteristics of a vibrant community
  • Importance of worship and service, and contributing to the wellbeing of everyone

Theme 4—Educational endeavours and the training institute

  • The centrality of education
  • The importance of the institute in building both the capacity for service and the ability to contribute to the development of the local community and society
  • Educational programs of the institute
  • Youth:  the sacred charge of the institute
  • Film screening:  The Exemplar

Theme 5—Contributing to social transformation

  • Becoming protagonists of our own development and that of our communities
  • Social action
  • Participating in discourses of society

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