Five Year Plan Goals

Five Year Plan Goals

Bahá’ís focus their efforts through a series of international plans guided by the Universal House of Justice, the international institution governing the Bahá’í community.

The Atlantic Region, as currently configured, has 85 clusters. As of September 2018: 13 are no activity or emerging, 46 are milestone 1, 23 are milestone 2, and 3 are milestone 3.

At the start of the new Five Year Plan for 2016-2021, the Universal House of Justice called “for growth to be accelerated in all clusters where it has begun… This combined effort should seek to raise the number of clusters where a programme of growth has become intensive to 5,000 by Riḍván 2021.”

The linked and regularly updated map shows cluster groupings, reservoir clusters for those groupings, individual clusters and their statistics, and homefront pioneer goals. To see the map in full-screen view, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the map.

The current goals in the Atlantic Region are as follows:

Projected movement of ClustersCurrentby April 2019by October 2019by April 2020by April 2021Total by Ridvan 2021
Milestone 2
(systematic action in multiple core activities
carried out by a number of active participants)


(-2 to M3)


(-3 to M3)


(-3 to M3)

Milestone 3
(100+ core activities)

The region has created eleven cluster groupings in which stronger clusters will accompany the other clusters to raise capacity and resources to achieve a new level of intensity in all clusters where there is a program of growth. Maps of these groupings are shown below.

The Atlantic Region currently has three clusters with more than 100 core activities – Triangle NC, Washington DC, Fairfax VA.

If you are interested in learning more about the unique opportunities to contribute to the success of the Five Year Plan goals please access the link below to provide information so that we can contact you and explore your potential service to the region and to the Plan.